Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing, University of Southern California, May 2010

Critical Dissertation: “Partial Arts: Poetic Obsessions with the Fragment, 1798-2010”

Creative Dissertation: “Litter” (Poetry)

Committee: David St. John (chair), Carol Muske-Dukes, Margaret Russett, Mark Irwin

M.A. in English, University of Southern California, Spring 2005

B.A. in English and Creative Writing, Dartmouth College, 2001

Publications: Books

the body | of space | in the shape of a human. Kalamazoo: New Issues Press, 2012.

The Ice Ship and Other Vessels. Denver: Proem Press, 2008.

Publications: Poetry

“If only the plutonium plume…”,“Portmanteau,” “The Practical Use of Air Arms.”  Ghost Town.

“In A Peaceful Place.” Boston Review. Forthcoming.

“Sonar.” Verse Daily. May 16, 2012. Web.

“Chronos,” “Keats, Climbing,” “Sarcophagus.” Blackbird. Vol 11 No 1 (Spring 2012).

“Purgatorio.” Los Angeles Review. Issue 8 (November 2010).

“Amnesiac Notebooks.” The Offending Adam. Web. 20 Sept 2010.

“Statement of Aesthetics.” The Offending Adam. Web. 20 Sept 2010.

“Keats, Climbing.” The Loudest Voice, Vol. I. Los Angeles: Figueroa Press, 2010.

“An Unknown Shore.” The Loudest Voice, Vol. I. Los Angeles: Figueroa Press, 2010.

“The Ice Ship,” “An Unknown Shore,” “And on the Third Day.” Poetry Foundation Archive. Web. 10 May 2010.

“Post-Tempest.” Denver Quarterly. Vol 44 No 1 (October 2009). 9.

“Don’t Write At All.” Denver Quarterly. Vol 44 No 1 (October 2009). 10.

“The Papermakers.” Denver Quarterly. Vol 44 No 1 (October 2009). 11.

“Postscript.” Colorado Review. Vol 36 No 1 (Spring 2009). 65.

“Rae’s Mask.” Blackbird. Vol 7 No 8 (Fall 2008). Web.

“An Unknown Shore.” Best New Poets 2006. Ed. Eric Pankey. Series Ed. Jeb Livingood.

Charlottesville: Meridian Press, 2007. 28-29.

“December Light,” libretto with composer Alan Chan, premiered in Fall 2006.

“An Unknown Shore.” ZYZZYVA. Vol 22 No 1 (Spring 2006). 167.

“Meditation Ending with a Line from Celan.” The Antioch Review. Vol 64 No 1 (Winter 2006). 118.

Publications: Essays & Reviews

“Flags of Their Fathers: David Roderick’s The Americans; Brandon Som’s The Tribute Horse.” Colorado Review. Web.

“Review: Fracture and Fragmentation in British Romanticism by Alexander Regier. Studies in Romanticism. Vol 51 No 4 (Winter 2012).

“Coleridge, Fragments, and the Performance of Form.” Studies in Romanticism. Vol 51 No 2 (Fall 2012).

“Review: Fall Higher by Dean Young.” Boston Review. Vol 37 No 2 (Mar / Apr 2012).

“Review: Living Must Bury by Josie Sigler.” Colorado Review. Web. 12 Oct 2011.

“Review: First Fire, Then Birds by H.L. Hix.” Colorado Review. Vol 38 No 1 (Spring 2011).

“Review: On Tact, & the Made Up World by Michele Glazer.” Colorado Review. Web. 10 Dec 2010.

“Professions of St. Augustine: Poems and Essay.” Crate. Vol 3 No 1 (Fall 2007). 18-20.


Awards & Grants

Winner, 2011 New Issues Poetry Prize

Pushcart Prize Nomination (“Purgatorio,” Los Angeles Review), Fall 2010

English Department Research Award, Spring 2010

Runner-Up, University of New Orleans Poetry Fellowship, Spring 2010

USC Creative Writing Fellow, 2009

Phi Kappa Phi, USC Chapter, 2009-10

Winner, Proem Press Chapbook Contest, Fall 2007

Virginia Middleton Award for Graduate Research, Summer 2006

Winner, Edward W. Moses Graduate Creative Writing Competition, Spring 2006

Winner, Edward W. Moses Graduate Creative Writing Competition, Spring 2005

English Department Travel Grant, Summer 2005

Squaw Valley Community of Writers Fellowship, Summer 2003

High Honors for Senior Thesis, Dartmouth College, 2001


Readings, Interviews, & Conference Presentations (Selected)

Reading, L.A. Times Festival of Books. 12 April 2013.

“Poetry and Place in the 21st Century.” Panel Discussion. LA Times Festival of Books. Los

Angeles, CA. 12 April 2013.

Interview with Andrew Tonkavitch. Bibliocracy. KPFK, Los Angeles. 26 June 2013.

Interview with Dan Olivas. LA Observed. Web. 25 October 2012.

Reading, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. Venice, California. Fall 2011.

Reading (with Brian Castro and Colin Dickey). Betalevel Arts Center. Los Angeles. Spring 2009.

Reading (with Mark Irwin). Dikeou Museum. Denver, CO. Spring 2008.

“The Double’s Door: Translating Critical Study into Creative Work.” SOUNDEYE West: Poetry Between Languages. Los Angeles, CA. 6 October 2007.

“Plagiarized, Purloined & Plundered: the Making of an Altered Text.” USC English

Graduate Conference. Spring 2007.

“Faust, Faustian, Fausterlitz: Goethe’s Variations on a Name.” Princeton University. American

Comparative Literature Association Conference. Princeton, NJ. 25 March 2006.


Full CV here: Andrew Allport — CV


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